Climate? Yes, it's important. But….

Survey: What do people really think about the socio-ecological transformation?

Climate protection - yes, it's important. Because almost everyone is worried about the rise in temperatures. The “if” is hardly up for debate. But how and where should climate policy measures be implemented? Who exactly should be targeted? Those are the crucial questions when it comes to fair and broadly supported climate policy.

We have taken a closer look via a survey in 19 European and North American countries:

  • How do the different social milieus tick when it comes to the socio-ecological transformation?
  • What are their expectations and fears?
  • Where are the social majorities and where are the significant barriers to climate protection that is supported by the population?

About the methodology

Browse the interactive map for the country results:

Climate Crunch Questions
Comparative country report

Climate Crunch Questions

How social barriers can be overcome and sceptical milieus brought on board in the social-ecological transformation More

Some of the key figures in graphs

Climate change is a relevant topic for 84% of the respondents

However, politicians should also take care of other important topics

Social balance I: Who is worried about the consequences of climate policy?

Social balance II: Where support should go

People are ready to take an active part in the energy transition - redistribution of profits helps

Other actors are seen at the forefront to tackle the climate crisis

Posts on subjects relating to our survey

04.06.2024 | Milieu survey, Social media

Contact for the survey

Claudia Detsch

Director, FES Just Climate

+32 23 29 30 33

Claudia Detsch's op-ed on about some main findings of our survey. More



Factsheets on the five core statements of our survey: social balance, strengthening the common good, citizen participation, industrial and labor market policy, communication More

Country reports

Country reports

Country reports based on national results More