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FES Just Climate publishes studies, policy papers and analysis, and organizes events and conferences to shape the industrial revolution of our times. We focus on energy, industrial, structural and labor policies, and the European Green Deal.

Climate and social policies must be two sides of the same European coin in the future. We need to develop climate-neutral energy systems and industries. Simultaneously, we need to safeguard and strengthen the welfare state, local participation and workers’ rights. FES Just Climate works with political, trade union and civil society partners and think tanks to achieve these goals.

21.05.2024 | Publication, News

Admittedly, they are not sexy. Electricity grids seem very unspectacular at first. However, things are not what they seem. After all, the grids are of…


| Energize it, industrialize it and make it work, Event, News

Historically, the energy industry has been male-dominated, but is this setup fully up to the task?


06.05.2024 | Social media, News

Are we now getting closer to smoker's lungs? At the very least, rising temperatures are really hitting the forests hard. Drought, forest fires, pests…


| Publication, News

Population survey in 19 European and North American countries - How can we prevent climate policy from becoming a flashpoint in new cultural and class…


31.01.2024 | Decoding Brussels, Just European Green Deal, Publication, News

Does the EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism CBAM make countries around the world adopt more climate friendly policies? Or is it only protecting…


| Keep cool and don't carry on, News

That's how it all comes together. Even if the right likes to twist it and present it differently: the real attack on our freedom is global warming. If…


08.12.2023 | Energize it, industrialize it and make it work, Publication

An ecological miracle on the labour market? Or rather job losses? The impact on employment and job profiles in Europe of ecological modernisation is a…


| The Nuclear Series, Event, News

The annual World Nuclear Industry Status Report (WNISR) provides a comprehensive overview of nuclear power plant data, including information on…


| Energize it, industrialize it and make it work, Keep cool and don't carry on, News

Russia's invasion of Ukraine had a massive impact on the energy supply of EU member states. The question of how and when Europe could free itself from…


| News | Press

Klimakrise und Zeitenwende treten gleichzeitig auf. Wieso wir uns deshalb auf den Nexus von Klima und Sicherheit fokussieren müssen, was Geopolitik…


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