Just European Green Deal

The energy transition is not only about industrial policy. Its success demand cooperation between the EU member states and its neighbours. The EU legal framework should provide incentives for change. However, EU climate policy lacks a social pillar. We want to change this by giving our partners a voice to shape the transition in a socially just way.

Latest News & Events

14.06.2022 | Just European Green Deal

Are the measures foreseen by the EU socially balanced and ambitious enough? And what stumbling blocs sneak along the way?


Tuesday, 14.06.2022 - Online | Event

Join our online event on Tuesday 14 June, 9h00 - 12h30. See the full programme and register here!


31.05.2022 | Decoding Brussels, Just European Green Deal, Formats

Considerable adjustments to the Commission’s initial proposal took place. What happened in between and where do we stand now?




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