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25.06.2024 | EN, Zooming in on..., News

Briefing note "More women on board, please!"

Energy transition accelerates the demand for labour and creates jobs. Nevertheless, the female workforce remains underrepresented in the energy...


18.06.2024 | DE, Zooming in on..., Social media, News

Ein Klimageld für mehr Klimagerechtigkeit in Europa?


18.06.2024 | EN, Zooming in on..., Social media, News

Personal CO2-price rebates for more climate justice in Europe?


13.06.2024 | Energize it, industrialize it and make it work, Event, News

Leveraging women’s skills in the energy sector

Historically, the energy industry has been male-dominated, but is this setup fully up to the task?


| DE, Just European Green Deal | Press

Europa wählt: Green Deal

3sat, Magazin NANO vom 05 Juni 2024, Beitrag „Europa wählt: Green Deal - Solarparks in Spanien boomen“

Unser Beitrag zu European Green Deal und der...




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