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23.01.2023 | Energize it, industrialize it and make it work, Publication

Building partnerships for an international hydrogen economy: Entry-point for European policy action

The international hydrogen partnerships will reshape the global energy landscape. What should be the guiding principles of such partnerships?


18.01.2023 | Zooming in on..., Energize it, industrialize it and make it work

Capping market revenues – fair or fatal for the expansion of renewable energies in Europe?

EU countries agreed to skim off the revenues of energy producers to relieve citizens. But can this threaten the expansion of renewable energy?


15.12.2022 | Zooming in on..., Energize it, industrialize it and make it work

Transformationsräte in Deutschland

Ein neuer Ansatz zur regionalen Gestaltung der sozialökologischen Transformation, by Frederik Moch (DGB).


The Jobs of our Future
13.12.2022 | Going local and let people drive change, Energize it, industrialize it and make it work

The Jobs of Our Future

Climate neutrality & digitalisation is the twin transition ahead of us. The impact on jobs and the required skills are huge. Time to get prepared.


22.11.2022 | Just European Green Deal

Implementation of the Circular Economy in Europe: Status Quo and Starting Points

What is the status quo on circular economy in Europe, who can we learn from, and which instruments are needed to lead a comprehensive transformation?




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