Freedom, Equality, Climate Protection

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Freedom, equality, climate protection. That's how it all comes together. Even if the right-wingers like to twist it and present it differently: the real attack on our freedom is global warming. If it continues unabated, it will progressively impose restrictions on us. But we are able to do something against it. We decide on the best ways and means to combat global warming. Together. That is the freedom we have.

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Quality of life

Everyone wants the best possible life for themselves. What the best possible life looks like in the future will depend heavily on the extent to which we manage the rise in temperature and the effects of climate change. This is not science fiction. This is now. Most people in our country still have several decades ahead of them. This means that the consequences of climate change will not only be felt by our grandchildren, but by ourselves. Our homes may flood; we may suffer directly from hot summers, droughts and crop failures. Work can become unbearable. Therefore, when we protect the climate, we protect ourselves.

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There is a reason why it’s the richest and most powerful who are doing so much to ensure that little is done to combat climate change: They are the ones who benefit. And in more ways than one. They often still earn money with dirty energy, through investments and funds. Because of their money, they enjoy many privileges with which they continue to fuel the climate crisis – for example, private aeroplanes and expensive cars. And they don’t need to worry about the effects of climate change such as crop failures, traffic disruptions, and production stoppages – they will still be able to afford scarce goods even when the rest of us no longer have access to them.

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Fossil fuels have something in common: for the most part, they come from countries that do not share our values. From regions that are politically unstable. They are transported through straits where accidents or disruptive manoeuvres can paralyse everything. That makes us vulnerable. Our dependence on fossil fuels leaves us open to blackmail. Genuine sovereignty, where we can decide for ourselves how we want to live, requires that we become independent of energy supplies from regions that are hostile to democracy or unstable.

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Many instead of just few

Locally generated energy distributes wealth better. Many people benefit from a co-operative solar thermal plant in the village instead of just individual companies or their shareholders. Nearby municipalities can receive income from wind power plants themselves through a shareholding, which they can use for community projects such as schools and kindergartens. The expansion of renewable energy is therefore an active redistribution policy. Millions of Germans are already earning money from solar installations on their roofs, whereas previously, the only possibility to obtain electricity was to pay money to companies.

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Economic model

Industry in Germany and Europe thrives on exports. We want to remain at the forefront and use innovative products to secure our business location and thus its jobs and our prosperity. To achieve this, we must keep pace with our competitors in the climate-neutral transformation of the economy. China is currently investing heavily in climate-neutral technology. Internal combustion engines have no future there. The USA is heading in the same direction with the Inflation Reduction Act. Joe Biden is setting a climate-friendly economic course and wants to safeguard the economy and restore industrial jobs to their former glory. If Germany and Europe want to remain at the forefront of the economic powers and not just act as an open-air museum, then we need to be at the forefront of climate-friendly technology.

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