Keep cool and don't carry on

To date, the public debate on climate policy has been concerned mainly with curbing a massive threat. But fear is a poor motor of change. Business as usual is not an option. We simply cannot afford it. But it is not just about warding off danger. New opportunities are opening up for us. We need to cultivate a sense of excitement and the vision of a more sustainable and just economic model – in brief, a potent progressive narrative. In our competence centre we want to help shape this narrative and propagate it.

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| Energize it, industrialize it and make it work, Event, News

Historically, the energy industry has been male-dominated, but is this setup fully up to the task?


31.01.2024 | Decoding Brussels, Just European Green Deal, Publication, News

Does the EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism CBAM make countries around the world adopt more climate friendly policies? Or is it only protecting…


| Keep cool and don't carry on, News

That's how it all comes together. Even if the right likes to twist it and present it differently: the real attack on our freedom is global warming. If…