Going local and let people drive change

Structural change is being implemented at local level. Citizens and workers should not merely bear the brunt of the transition, but shape and drive it forward. In future, job opportunities and the location of new industries should be supported more broadly than at present, and trade union codetermination must be guaranteed. We are working closely with trade union organisations, as well as national FES bureaus in the OSCE area and its partner organisations, discussing analyses and joint strategies at local and regional level.

The competence centre will draft proposals for a socially just energy and industrial policy, offer policy consultation and provide inputs for the public debate on climate policy in Europe and North America. We shall bring actors from a variety of backgrounds around the same table in order to find common solutions that can command majority support. We are a think tank for rising trends and we examine the redistributive effects of current reform initiatives, exert influence and have the courage to tackle difficult subjects. We shall help to form social alliances and support the activities of FES bureaus throughout the OSCE area.

On empowering local citizen participation

13.12.2022 | Going local and let people drive change, Energize it, industrialize it and make it work
The Jobs of our Future

Climate neutrality & digitalisation is the twin transition ahead of us. The impact on jobs and the required skills are huge. Time to get prepared.


31.10.2022 | Decoding Brussels, Just European Green Deal, Going local and let people drive change

The digital and ecological transition accelerates, and with it the shortage of skilled workers. The EU is looking for solutions, but doubts remain.


Tuesday, 11.10.2022 - Zoom | Going local and let people drive change, Event, News

Energy cooperatives are the silver bullet for clean, affordable & local energy. We need to ensure women's equal share in it!


08.07.2022 | Going local and let people drive change
Energy cooperatives: Local community solutions as an answer to global energy crises

Although favorable national frameworks are missing, flagship projects developed in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe offer innovative solutions.


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| Energize it, industrialize it and make it work, Event, News

Historically, the energy industry has been male-dominated, but is this setup fully up to the task?


31.01.2024 | Decoding Brussels, Just European Green Deal, Publication, News

Does the EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism CBAM make countries around the world adopt more climate friendly policies? Or is it only protecting…


| Keep cool and don't carry on, News

That's how it all comes together. Even if the right likes to twist it and present it differently: the real attack on our freedom is global warming. If…


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