The Nuclear Energy Series

In light of rising energy prices and the need to meet climate targets, nuclear energy is once again experiencing a renaissance. The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the concerns over the security of supply reinforced this trend, even though Russia is an important supplier of fuel and technology for the global nuclear industry. These current developments have a major impact on the expansion of nuclear capacities or the development of nuclear technologies in the region – for instance, Belgium delayed its nuclear phase-out and the Netherlands declared that it will increase its nuclear capacities. Can nuclear energy be a solution to the climate and energy crisis?

This Nuclear Series includes a mapping of nuclear energy in the OSCE region, the pros and cons of nuclear energy, as well as arguments for the debate.

Nuclear Energy: the Pros and Cons

What is the role of nuclear energy in the energy transition? Because this debate is highly technical and political, it's sometimes hard to grasp the big picture.

These pros and cons shine a light on the most important issues of nuclear energy.

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Mapping Nuclear Energy

A country by country overview of the state of play of nuclear energy for countries in Europe, Northern America and Central Asia.

It details the role of nuclear in the national energy mix and in the country’s climate strategy and explains the latest developments in the nuclear sector – whether a phase-out of nuclear energy is planned, if new reactors are under construction, and if the country invests in new technologies like the small modular reactors (SMR).

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