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Personal CO2-price rebates for more climate justice in Europe?

The imminent introduction of a European carbon price for road transport and buildings will have a direct impact on private households in Europe. What will the expected price increases mean for different income groups? According to our population survey, almost two thirds of people think that climate and environmental protection measures are socially unjust, as they place a particular burden on low earners. Does the idea add up of using CO2 price rebates to cushion social hardship for low-income households? What experiences have been made in countries that have already introduced similar models and what alternative proposals are being discussed?

Find out more in our Zooming in on "Personal CO2-price rebates for more climate justice in Europe?"

Please find here the German Version.

About the authors: Stephan Thalhofer is Policy Advisor at the FES Competence Centre Climate and Social Justice in Brussels. Louisa Kanis is a former intern.


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