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Europe and the Emerging Geopolitics of Electricity Grids

Admittedly, they are not sexy. Electricity grids seem very unspectacular at first. However, things are not what they seem. After all, the grids are of paramount importance for Europe's economic future and therefore its prosperity.

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While we often hear about energy transition, we hear less about the role that electricity grids play in our energy system. A topic that has been often overlooked is currently gaining momentum due to the increased electrification and the shift to renewable energy. In this sense, a lot of work has to be done. Internally, Europe needs to significantly improve the robustness of its grid community. Externally, the EU must define an electricity foreign policy amid growing geopolitical disputes and technological shifts. How can this be achieved? Our new study written by Dr Jacopo Maria Pepe (SWP) provides an in-depth analysis of these challenges.

About the author

Dr Jacopo Maria Pepe is a Researcher in the Global Issue Division of the German Institute for Security and Political Affairs (SWP) and currently head of the “Geopolitics of Energy Transition- Greater Asia” Project. He mainly focuses on energy market developments, European/ German energy security, and the geopolitics of green and fossil energy value andsupply chains. His major regional focus is the post-Soviet space and Eurasia at large.
He is also a Lecturer and Visiting Fellow at the Edwin Reischauer Center for East Asian Studies at Johns Hopkins University.

Download the study here.


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