Forests are known as green lungs.

Are we now getting closer to smoker's lungs? At the very least, rising temperatures are really hitting the forests hard. Drought, forest fires, pests and storms are causing enormous damage to native trees. The trend towards monoculture has exacerbated the problem.

This is not only bad for people and nature, but also for the climate, as forests absorb CO2. Accordingly, mixed forests are considered an effective means of combating global warming.

However, a new study has now somewhat dampened optimism with regard to mixed forests. They are still considered a suitable means. However, according to the researchers, some tree species known today could be missing.

In Europe, up to half of the tree species may not be able to cope with future climate conditions, they warn. Of course, this also makes reforestation more difficult.

This example also shows once again that every tenth of a degree that the earth is not warming is important. Otherwise, even many solution strategies will start to falter.

More information can be found here: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41559-024-02406-8

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