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Briefing note "More women on board, please!"

Energy transition accelerates the demand for labour and creates jobs. Nevertheless, the female workforce remains underrepresented in the energy sector. Why is it still the case and what are the potential solutions to address this?

Without any doubt, energy transition is gaining momentum. Correspondingly, as the deployment of renewable energy is advancing, so does the demand for labour and skills in the energy sector. But if there is no skilled workforce to fulfill the jobs that are brought by the energy transition process, then we are clearly facing a bottleneck. Evidence shows there has been progress made in the past years when it comes to the participation of women in the energy sector. Despite this, there is a limited impact on concrete labour market figures and statistics are showing that there is still difficulty in attracting women in clean tech and renewable energy sectors.
So where to find possible solutions and how to ensure that women are getting the opportunities that come with the energy transition

We are addressing these issues in our briefing note "More women on board, please!" key outcomes of the "Leveraging Women's Skills in the Energy Sector” event, which you can download here.

About the author: Reghina Dimitrisina is Policy Advisor at the FES Competence Centre Climate and Social Justice.


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