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Tuesday, 11.10.2022 - Zoom

Online event: Women to the forefront of the energy transition!

Energy cooperatives are the silver bullet for clean, affordable & local energy. We need to ensure women's equal share in it!

Energy cooperatives not only accelerate the energy transition; they also foster the democratic participation of citizens and create added value to a given territory. Moreover, the approval for the expansion of renewables energy is considerably higher for citizens that hold shares in the energy cooperatives. However, participants to energy cooperatives are often homogenous: it is mostly men from academia with a high income, technical expertise and time at their disposal. Therefore, energy cooperatives should become more inclusive for women and society as a whole.

However, energy cooperatives struggle to attract women, especially the most vulnerable ones. Their financial and bureaucratic barriers make it difficult to be fully inclusive. How can we make the participation in cooperatives more attractive for women? Which frameworks do energy cooperatives need to grow and become more inclusive?


9h30 - 11h00: Current status of energy cooperatives in Europe and the participation of women

Introductory remarks: Claudia Detsch, FES Just Climate

Irina Lazzerini, Sustainable Energy for All

Johannes Slacik, Energy Institute, JKU Linz

Katharina Habersbrunner, WECF


11h30 - 13h00: Solution strategies: Why is it crucial to win more women for energy cooperatives and what are the instruments needed to do so?

Christine Lins, GWNET

Antonia Proka, REScoop.EU

Miriam Rodriguez Ruiz, Electra Energy Cooperative

Contact person: Reghina Dimitrisina, reghina.dimitrisina (at)

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The  event will be held in the form of an online video conference using a  service provided by the US company ZOOM Video Communications, Inc. Information on data protection can be found at This event will be recorded for internal purposes. By joining this event, you accept to be recorded.


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