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Europe’s state of affairs in climate and energy policy

Where do we stand and where are we headed?

The energy crisis and the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on Europe’s energy supply have influenced the course of the European climate and energy policies. Currently, we are witnessing a dual perspective on the state of debates in the climate and energy space:

On the one hand, despite these crises, political negotiations on the package of European climate and energy laws (Fit for 55) have continued in order to work towards the EU's climate targets. Moreover, the above-mentioned crises have led to new legislative proposals, such as the Net-Zero Industry Act and the Critical Raw Materials Act, that complement the ongoing efforts under the European Green Deal.

On the other hand, there is still a series of political disagreements at the level of the Member States that are holding back the implementation process of some of the key legislative proposals. In addition, there is increasing political pushback from conservatives wishing for a break in regulation. Given these circumstances, where do we currently stand in climate and energy policy? Can we really talk about the acceleration of Europe’s climate agenda? Are we moving too fast or too slow?

Briefing note by Reghina Dimitrisina, Policy Advisor, FES Just Climate


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